Renata Litviniva. Public talk and films.

Renata Litvinova is a director, actress, screenwriter and producer, one of the most bright figures of Russian cinema and drama theater.

Thanks to her exceptional talent and versatility, Renata Litvinova often became a muse for famous directors, musical performers, and fashion designers. Her creative vision and ability to tell exciting stories have earned her numerous awards and well-deserved critical acclaim.
All her creative works are distinguished by depth, courage and original vision to art.

16 / 17 September
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Renata Litvinova has a unique sense of style, flawlessly combining elegance with a touch of avant-garde in her looks, which makes her a true icon of style and fashion. Her bold choices, experiments and fearless non-compliance of standards delight and inspire, create trends and tendencies.In a serious movie as an actress, Renata made her debut under the direction of the Ukrainian director Kira Muratova in the drama "Hobbies". Subsequently, she starred in six more films by this Ukrainian director, including the film - the melodrama "The Adjuster", which participated in the out-of-competition program of the 61st Venice Film Festival and is included in the list of 100 best films in the history of Ukrainian cinema. Later, Renata directed the documentary "No Death for Me", which was shown at the Berlin Film Festival and won the Laurel Branch award in the category of the best documentary of the year. Nationwide love for Renata Litvina brought participation in the television series "Border: Taiga Novel”. The public then especially liked the extravagant and sophisticated image of the heroine of Renata Litvinova. Bright variety dramatic actress Renata Litvinova starred in more than thirty films, including the well-known films directed by Alexei Balabanov "Blind Man's Bluff" and "It Doesn't Hurt Me", as well as no less popular: "The Saboteur", "Sky. Airplane. Girl" and many others.Renata Litvinova directed 7 films (including 2 concert films and 6 clips for the singer Zemfira and 2 short films for the Rado and L'Oreal brands), wrote scripts for 14 films, voiced 4 roles and acted as a producer of 4 films. In some works, she acted simultaneously as a screenwriter, and a director, and a producer, and an actress (“Goddess: How I Loved”, “Rita's Last Tale” and “Northern Wind”).Renata Litvinova's author's story "To Possess and Belong" became a landmark for Russian cinema, based on which the script for Valery Todorovsky's film "Country of the Deaf" was written. The picture is included in the list of 100 major Russian films.In the theater, Renata made her debut as Ranevskaya in the performance "The Cherry Orchard" by A.P. Chekhov of the Moscow Art Theater.Renata Litvinova, the ideal of femininity and elegance, always looks flawless and spectacular. Wherever she appears, the audience enthusiastically follows her every movement, listens carefully to every pause. Her ideas, images, words, every detail is always on point. She always subtly feels the spirit of the time, sees the essence of things and captures the smallest moments of everyday life with a slight irony.On September 16 and 17, at the century-old Riga cinema - Splendid Palace, Renata Litvinova held creative meetings with the audience for the first time and presented two of her own films to the public. On September 16, the film "Rita's Last Fairy Tale" was shown, and on September 17, "The North Wind." Each meeting day had its own theme.The moderator of the creative meeting with the audience is the famous film critic Zinaida Pronchenko.

2 hours incl. break


September 16, 2023 — «Rita's Last Fairy Tale»
September 17, 2023 — «The North Wind»

Renata Litvinova — actress
Zinaida Pronchenko — moderator

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