Joyce Didonato.

One of the greatest contemporary singers, three-time Grammy Award winner - Joyce DiDonato, for the first time in Latvia. The star of world opera will present her new project — "Eden". The concert program will feature music by Handel, Purcell, Mahler, Wagner and Ives.

One hundred percent American with a rare tinge of voice - her colourful mezzo-soprano is able to bring previously unthinkable passages and rise from deep notes to vocal highs. Metal mezzo-soprano - that is what the critics called Joyce. She is best in dramatic roles, but the freedom which she feels on stage allows her to easily and skilfully transform, which directors take advantage of, offering her a wide range of complex characters.

"Her voice is no less than 24-carat gold" - New York Times.

20 June
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The new project of Joyce DiDonato called "Eden" was created not only as a concert, but also as a program of a pedagogical and interdisciplinary nature. It is based on the singer's desire to explore the connection of each person with nature and the impact of individual actions on the planet. In collaboration with the orchestra “Il Pomo d'Oro”, DiDonato has come up with a repertoire that deepens this theme through a variety of musical languages, from the 17th century to Rachel Portman, the British composer who won an Oscar for the soundtrack to the film “Emma” (1996) and who was commissioned for the play “The First morning of the world”, specially for this project.

The ensemble “Il Pomo d'Oro” will perform with the famous mezzo-soprano. The performance of this authentic baroque band is as unforgettable as its name, which translates as "Golden Apple". Since 2016, the ensemble has been led by Maxim Emelyanychev. In 2017, the ensemble “Il Pomo d’Oro”, conducted by Maxim Emelyanychev, received the “Echo Klassik” award together with Joyce Didonato for her project “In War & Peace: Harmony Through Music” and was nominated for a Grammy award.

Joyce Didonato is one of the most accomplished singers in history" - BBC Music.

2 hours incl. break


CHARLES IVES The Unanswered Question 5.30

RACHEL PORTMAN The First Morning of the World 8.00
Text: Gene Scheer
Commissioned by Linda Nelson in memory of her beloved Stuart

GUSTAV MAHLER Rückert-Lieder: II. “Ich atmet’ einen linden Duft!” 2.30
Text: Friedrich Rückert

MARCO UCCELLINI Sinfonia terza (a cinque stromenti) op.7 2.20
BIAGIO MARINI Scherzi e canzone Op.5: III. “Con le stelle in Ciel che mai” (Natività di Christo, per canto solo da cantarsi nel chitarrone) 4.00
Text: anon.

JOSEF MYSLIVEČEK Aria: “Toglierò le sponde al mare” (Angelo di giustizia) 5.12
Libretto: Giovanni Granelli
Oratorio Adamo ed Eva (Part II)

AARON COPLAND 8 Poems of Emily Dickinson for voice and chamber orchestra:
I. Nature, the gentlest mother 4.00

GIOVANNI VALENTINI Sonata enharmonica 5.00

FRANCESCO CAVALLI Aria: “Piante ombrose” (Calisto) 2.30
Libretto: Giovanni Faustini
Opera La Calisto (Act I, Scene 14)

CHRISTOPH WILLIBALD GLUCK Danza degli spettri e delle furie: Allegro non troppo 3.54
Opera Orfeo ed Euridice Wq. 30
Opera Ezio Wq. 15
Libretto: Pietro Metastasio

CHRISTOPH WILLIBALD GLUCK Recitativo accompagnato: “Misera, dove son!”… 2.40

CHRISTOPH WILLIBALD GLUCK Aria: “Ah! non son io che parlo” (Fulvia) 4.40

GEORGE FRIDERIC HANDEL Aria: “As with rosy steps the morn” (Irene) 7.08
Dramatic oratorio Theodora HWV 68 (Part I)

GUSTAV MAHLER Rückert-Lieder: III. “Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen” 6.09
Text: Friedrich Rückert


  1. “SEEDS OF HOPE” - Composed by the Children of the Canterbury Choir, Bishop Ramsey CE School, England, with Mike Roberts

  1. Song of choice by the local children’s choir.

Aria: “Ombra mai fu” (Serse)
Opera Serse HWV 40 (Act I, Scene 1)

*Surtitles needed for full programme, “Seeds of Hope” and “Ombra mai Fu”.

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Nr. 2 in a-Moll: Allegretto
Nr. 3 in G-Dur: Andante
Nr. 4 in e-Moll: Moderato
Nr. 5 in D-Dur: Allegro vivace
Nr. 6 in b-Moll: Allegretto
Nr. 7 in A-Dur: Andante
Nr. 8 in fis-Moll: Allegretto
Nr. 9 in E-Dur: Presto